Board Members

Academic Institution Representatives

Mary Mattson. Mary is a chemistry instructor and the coordinator of the Manufacturing Process Technology program at Front Range Community College. She has a BA in Math and Chemistry with a minor in Physics, as well as an MS and a Ph.D. in Chemistry. Mary was chair of the Front Range Community College Science and Technology Department for three years, and also was a replacement instructor at the University of Colorado-Denver, teaching general chemistry courses. A resident of Westminster, Mary is a member of the American Chemical Society and Sigma Xi.

Eric Morris. Eric is both an architect at his own company, Eric J. Morris Architects, and a senior instructor at the University of Colorado. He received his BFA from Colorado State University and a Masters in Architecture at the University of Houston (Texas). Eric’s interests at Rocky Flats extend to the history of Rocky Flats and to the long-term care of the site after closure and its transition to a national wildlife refuge.

Conrad Stoldt. Conrad Stoldt, a Denver native, is an assistant professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Colorado at Boulder. He has a Ph.D. in chemical physics from Iowa State University. His research interests include the design and fabrication of new materials for micro- and nanoscale technologies, with an emphasis on the development of novel sensors and actuators for biomedical and environmental applications. Conrad is a resident of Boulder.

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Administrative / Business Representatives

Community Representatives

Mike Maus. Mike is president of Mike Maus Associates, a public relations consulting firm. He has been a senior correspondent, reporter, and national news anchor for NBC News radio and television in New York, and was a reporter and commentator for CBS News radio. Mike was the host and producer of “Worldview” on Minnesota Public Radio. He has also worked in media and public relations management, marketing, and promotion. Mike is a resident of Arvada.

Andrew Ross. An Arvada resident, Andrew is a water quality specialist with the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment. He has expertise in Colorado water quality laws and regulations and a working knowledge of other state and federal environmental programs and regulations. Andrew has a BS in Geological Engineering and an MS in Geology. He also serves on the Arvada Planning Commission.

Government Representatives

Public Interest Group / Environmental Organization Representatives

Anne Fenerty. A resident of Boulder, Anne is a retired chemist and a member of the Indian Peaks Chapter of the Sierra Club. She served in the past with the Colorado League of Women Voters, the Central Northeast Colorado Health Systems Agency, and the Colorado Social Legislation Committee. Anne has a BS in Chemistry from the University of Western Ontario (Canada), an MS in Inorganic Chemistry from Michigan State University, and has completed some work toward a Ph.D. at London University (UK).

Erin Hamby. A resident of Boulder, Erin is the coordinator of the Rocky Flats/Disarmament Collective at the Rocky Mountain Peace and Justice Center. Erin graduated from the University of Colorado, Boulder, with a degree in Environmental, Population, and Organismic Biology. Her interests around Rocky Flats include the health effects of radiation, worker protection and compensation issues, and land use of the site after closure. Erin also works at the Boulder Shelter for the Homeless.

Bill Kossack. Bill is a statistical and data mining consultant, as well as serving as co-chair of the local Sierra Club chapter. He has a BS in Zoology, an MS in statistics, and has experience working in and supervising prairie management projects in Texas. A wildlife photographer, Bill lives in Westminster.

Bill McNeill. A Lafayette resident, Bill is a semi-retired environmental consultant with experience in environmental technology, site characterization, and remedial planning. Bill has a doctorate in physical chemistry and a masters in inorganic chemistry, both from Temple University. He is a former technical director of the Rocky Mountain Arsenal and is often called upon to be an expert witness in environmental litigation. He has 11 patents to his credit, as well as numerous papers and reports. He is a charter member of RFCAB’s Wildlife Refuge Technical Review Group.

Rocky Flats Employee Representatives

Jim Fabian (Treasurer). Jim is a retired former Rocky Flats worker, where he was involved in demolition and new construction at various areas of the site for 11 years. He also has experience at two other nuclear facilities: Oak Ridge and Hanford. Jim has a BS in Environmental Engineering from Kennedy Western University in Boise, Idaho. He lives in Westminster.

Student Representatives

Sean Rea. Sean is a senior in the Environmental, Population, and Organismic Biology Department at the University of Colorado, Boulder. Sean has taken numerous ecology courses and devoted a full semester to study the various issues at Rocky Flats. He is involved in several college organizations, including the Environmental, Population, and Organismic Biology club and the Student Association of Prehealth Professionals. Sean is a resident of Boulder.

Technical Representatives

Joe Downey. Joe is a geohydrologist with Downey & Gutentag, and previously worked for nearly 30 years with the U.S. Geological Survey. He has a BSG from the University of Arizona, with specialized studies in lunar geology, limnology and computer science, among others. Joe has published more than 100 books, papers and professional journal articles in the fields of geology, groundwater, paleontology and hydrology. He is a resident of Arvada.

Earl Gunia. Earl is a retired naval officer living in Littleton. He served on nuclear ballistic submarines, at their support sites, and at acquisition command centers. During his career, Earl also worked on the development and activation of two new naval submarine bases. He has a BS in Electrical Engineering from the University of Colorado, and is a member of both the National Electronic Engineering Honor Fraternity and the Engineering Management Society.

Victor Holm (Chair). Victor is a geological engineer, with 25 years experience in mineral exploration and mine engineering, much of it in foreign countries. He worked for Freeport Indonesia as an engineer at the Grasberg Mine on the island of New Guinea. A member of the American Institute of Mineral Engineers, Victor has a degree in Geologic Engineering from the Colorado School of Mines. He lives in Lakewood.